Historical Method Of The Scientific Method

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Sociologists must understand how to collect and analyze data precisely. Sociology utilizes the scientific method to collect and evaluate data accurately. There are multiple ways to gather data including “experiments, surveys, participant observations and using existing data” (Macionis). An important aspect of the scientific method is to produce valid, reliable and unbiased results. Personal bias is the influence of the researches own beliefs that is introduced into the data which could undermine it unintentionally. An example of personal bias is only sampling data from friends or family members because they often share common values or beliefs with the researcher. Sociologists need to make sure their data is credible without their own bias influencing it.
The first step of the scientific method is to ask questions about the topic. For example, who will win the presidential election and why? After the questions have been asked, a hypothesis can be formed. Donald Trump will win the election, is a hypothesis because it’s an educated guess with no evidenced supporting it. Sociologists would need to research and collect data from the votes of the people which can then be used as proof to back up their hypothesis. Using credible and citing sources is a good way to ensure the evidence gathered is reliable and valid because credible sources are supported with facts. Reliability ensures that the data can be reproduced consistently and the validity ensures the precision of the evidence.
The type of data collection a sociologist would use for a political election is called a survey, which is the next step in the scientific method. A survey is quantitative research method used gather a large amount of data sampled from a random pool. The Am...

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...sed to determine the outcome of a result. The scientific method allows researchers to provide accurate data. This includes political polls, life expectancy, divorces, or graduation rates.
It’s important that sociologists ask questions to provide a basis to their argument and form hypothesis in order to start collecting data. Data that is collected from individuals should always be safe and participants should never be placed in danger. After data has been collected and researched, it will be tested and reproduced to ensure the accuracy of the results. The job of the researcher is to ensure data is consistent and reliable. Once the data is reliable and valid, the researchers can publish their material and state a theory. A theory is an organized set of concepts that explain the body of data. The point of the scientific method is to make sociologists critically think.
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