Historical Materialism And Marxism

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A: According to Marx, historical materialism has been controversial and is a part of the evil that has caused class struggle. Ruling and lower were two classes that were struggling against each other till one finally wins and becomes the new ruling power. Marx and Eagle clearly highlighted the importance of both classes in Communist Manifesto, “The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles” (pg. 344). Marx, who began his argument by stating his belief that all humans should be able to live equivalent lives under self-governing rule, and materialism, is a system that stops such equality from being achieved. A great example is that Marx connects the existence of classes through the ownership of private property and the desire to gain more property. According to Marx those who own their own property (bourgeoisie) force others who do not have their own property (Proletariat) to work for them. For Marx, materialism is the desire to accrue more possessions and belongings therefore forms an unequal society and if the society is unequal in nature some people will gain more than others and will be in position of power over others. According to Marx, materialism is a key factor of the class struggle and inequality.
A: According to Marx, economic exploitation is treating workers unfairly by not paying workers for their actual labor. He also said that workers are exploited in capitalism because they create value of a good; however, workers are not the ones who get the profit that is paid when that value is bought. According to Marx, such systems in which production people are allowed to own the labor power of other people the relation of class is known as slavery. On the other hand, when the rights and...

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... other hand, Marx saw bourgeois democracy as a progressive force against the old feudal system. Marx supported democracy in capitalism. He worked for a society in which preliterate would take power and exercise the control over the means of production.
A: In Marx’s view, class struggle takes a critical form with the development of capitalism. According to Marx two basic classes bourgeoisie, the owners of the means of production and Proletariat, the workers around which other less important classes are grouped, oppose each other in capitalist system. On the other hand, for Mussolini the idea of class system is pointless and for him fascist state is one where a hierarchical society exists. Mussolini assumes that in this universe there is a “fruitful inequality of mankind”. (pg. 443). Mussolini also believes that fascism is the only way to properly direct citizens.
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