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The most influential women in history was Cleopatra. Born in 69 B.C.E, Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator, was the last queen and pharaoh of Egypt. She was also the last Macedonian-Greek ruler of the Ptolemy family. Her reign over Egypt lasted for over twenty of the three hundred years her family had been in power. Cleopatra is known for her two great love affairs with Julius Caesar and his trusted friend Marc Antony. Many people consider her life to have been scandalous, tragic, and compelling to those who were around her. Her lust for power and determination to rule effectively made her enemies dread her. The love she had for her country was timeless. Cleopatra’s legacy and the impact she made in the world, is still a topic of discussion and…show more content…
Even though she never went to school or a university, she had a private tutor and studied with him every day. In fact, she was the first ruler in nearly 250 years to learn and speak the native Egyptian language. Everyone in her family had only spoken Greek. She loved to spend her time reading books in the library of Alexandria. Cleopatra was devastated after it was burned down in a civil battle between Egypt and Roman soldiers. Cleopatra’s brilliance was underestimated that no one imagined she would be able to sneak into Alexandria after being exiled. She was exiled because her siblings feared that her lust for power had become too great. So when she was brought into town rolled up in a carpet and unraveled at Caesar’s feet everyone was amazed. Caesar named Cleopatra the rightful queen of Egypt. She wasted no time on having her little brother and Arsinoe murdered. Immediately after meeting, Julius Caesar and Cleopatra fell in love. They planned to conquer nations together. Although Caesar was looked up to in Rome and had a wife of his own, Cleopatra trapped him under her spell. The two later had a son and named him Ptolemy Caesar. People often called him his nickname,…show more content…
The memorial was named the Caesareum. She saved her people from starvation and restored peace and sustenance back to the land of Egypt. The people of Egypt, especially Alexandrians absolutely adored her. She had a total of four children, one with Caesar and three with Marc Antony. Cleopatra died at the young age of about thirty nine years old concluding the Macedonian-Greek rule over the country. In conclusion, Cleopatra’s legacy shall live on forever. She is known as one of the most greatest queens to ever be in power. She was beautiful, smart, powerful, manipulative and had a tremendous love for her people. Cleopatra dealt with bloodshed, incest, betrayal, threats, and shunning all from her own family. But this only made her stronger and more capable of running a country as great as Egypt was in it’s prime. That is why, once more, Cleopatra was the most influential women in

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