Historical Development of Professional Associations

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There are several professional spectrums that can be categorized under the human services career field. For example, legal professionals can be very vital to the human services profession whether it is for inter-professional collaborations or for professional legal counseling. This can be found true, when taking a look at an organizational chart for any state agency’s Department of Human Resources (DHR) and/or Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) organization chart. The ultimate goal of these professions is to serve their clients while promoting and enhancing diversity within our communities as well as eliminating all forms of discriminations. On the other hand, for each professional spectrum that falls under the human services umbrella, there are professional associations. The National LGBT Bar Association which was formed because in today’s society, when it comes to being out in your profession many people may feel that their sexuality may be irrelevant to their ability to perform a specific job task and/or skill. Although this may be true to a certain degree; there are some professions such as the human services field as well as the legal field that tries to understand, educate, and protect diversity. For example, The American Bar Association (ABA). They believe in supporting those who are out and proud in their profession; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) legal issues as well as diversity within its community. This is accomplished in conjunction with The National LGBT Bar Association, formally known as the National Lesbian and Gay Law Association (NLGLA). The National LGBT Bar Association’s mission is to promote justice within and throughout the legal profession for the LGBT community and all of its di... ... middle of paper ... ..., they are all obligated to separate professional associations. Such as the legal profession, which can play a vigorous role to the human services field. However, within its prospective association, its members are made aware of issues that are affecting those that are within the association/professional occupations as well as the general public. Through the awareness of its members, the association can collectively create change within our society and the lives of others. Works Cited About Us: The National LGBT Bar Association. (n.d.). Retrieved from The National LGBT Bar Association: http://www.lgbtbar.org/ Directory: Alabama Department of Human Resources. (n.d.) Retrieved from Alabama Department of Human Resources: http://www.dhr.alabama.gov/ Business Conduct Standards. (2013, June 15). Retrieved from the American Bar Association: http://www.americanbar.org/
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