Historical-Cultural Context of Animal Farm

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Historical/Cultural Context of Animal Farm

The Russian Revolution:

In 1917, two revolutions were involved in Russia, which terminated centuries of imperial ruling. The Russian revolution was made up of two revolutions, which the first one was in February, and the second one was in October.These revolutions started political, and social changes that lead to the creation of the Soviet Union. By March of 1917, Russia who became civil turned into turmoil, which caused constant food shortages.This turned into a revolt against Czar.By the year of 1917 lots of Russian citizens lost faith in their leader Czar Nicholas II. The citizens lost faith in Czar’s leadership due to the governments corruption, Russia’s economy, and Czar constantly affecting the success of the Duma ( the Russian legislative assembly established by Czar Nicholas II in 1905) .This impacted Russia in a disastrous way, which caused Czar Nicholas II to be overthrown.A few months later after Czar was overthrown, the new provisional government was overthrown by Bolsheviks. The first appearance of the Russian Revolution was in February 1917, due to the destructive involvement in World War I. The military and imperial side of Russia, could not compare to the industrialized Germany at the time. The costly war also made Russia’s economy decline in a major way. Word count: 207

The Bolsheviks:

Bolshevik in Russian means “One of the majority.” Bolsheviks are members of a wing of the Russian Social Democratic Workers Party. The Bolshevik party was lead by Vladimir Lenin. The Bolshevik party took control over the government in Russia in October of 1917...

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...ubject to an absolute state authority. For example when Czar Nicholas II was in power and there was a food shortage, and the economy went downhill, the nation must of been frightened, which is why he was renounced. Word count: 53

What I found interesting in this research is that Napoleon only won one Battle and he lost most of his Grand Army in Russia, and he is still considered to be one of the best military leaders in history. One subject that surprised me in the reading was that the U.S, actually had allies even though most countries hated us. Another subject that surprised me in the research was how Napoleon lost more than ⅔ of his army. The last topic that surprised me was that Trotsky was not over the Bolshevik’s even though he was second in line, because he lossed out to Stalin. Word count: 106
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