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Romanticism was the era of emotion and against reason; the era of which was the reaction to the revolution and Enlightenment. Though the Romantic era as a whole was believed certain ideals those of different eras have contrasting ones. The contrast was a main reason to how the Romanticism era arose out of conflict. Romanticism derived from the freedom to express, feel and imagine.
The Revolution era had a memorable impact in the Romantic era, which was shown through many of the ideals. It was when people started to favor reason over following the church and king mindlessly. The French revolution started the debate over individualism; many people did not agree about how the monarch ruled. The citizens soon caused uproar; they felt as if they did not have equality or freedom. Poets had works that were influenced by the ideas of the time and soon it led to many authors writing literature with ideas of freedom and individualism. Authors often had writing that portrayed the common man, because that was what the people wanted, equality. The Revolution led to what is known as the “Enlightenment”, which promoted people to think freely. Reason was favored over emotion in the Enlightenment because of the influence of science in the society. Science led the people to question the society they lived in. Soon they were not led by emotion but reasons and facts. The era of thinking lead to many people to criticize many of the ideals in both eras, which was the start of Romanticism.
Romanticism writing had many ideas that were conservative and traditional. The Romantic era was also known as the “Anti Enlightenment era”; the ideas did not mix well with those who were affected by the Enlightenment. There was counter reaction to the Enlightenment...

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