Historic Fabrics Design Case Study

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The first step in regenerating the historic fabric, must be recognizing the existence values and desire to protect them. Restoration process begins with cognition of opportunities and advantages of each neighborhood, and understanding of different aspect of neighborhood distressed. These days one of the problems face to regenerating historic fabrics is juxtaposition of valuable buildings with abandoned and deteriorated buildings and areas that causes damage to this valuable buildings.

The abandoned areas are a threat to revive the historical fabrics, but with clever arrangements this treat can be converted to be an opportunities for brown developing. Analysis of approaches in designing in these desolate lands is the subject of this research.

This thesis lies in understanding the obvious and hidden values in historic center of thehran, and analize the new building built in this area, and trying to find the best approach for design in this fabric with cultural and historical value, so with maintaining the obvious and hidden values and accepting new role and strengthen and updating previous role, still be able to continue living.

Any intervention in the physical structure of the historic fabric will change irreversibility the history of it forever. So its necessary to planned for the cities that have the ability to change and provide continuity with the past.

Design approach that is adopted in the historic fabric, should be an approach to improvement.

New construction must preserve value the previous buildings, and also should be representing the architecture belonging to its time. As the maintenance and protection of existing buildings in the historic fabric keep intact the form and space of historic urban, new construction sho...

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...of the research. Design a questionnaire and evaluate responses given to it, toward rates of people believes in structure feature neighborhood and sense of location identities is part of research. The main feature of this research is choosing an inductive approach. Deep analysis of interviews, with the aim of understanding the main issues, needs and long-term interactive process. Thus, with combining different data sources the effect of new buildings on the historic fabrics can be described.

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