Histopathologic Characteristics of Colorectal Cancer in Inner City Minority New Yorkers

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Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the second most frequent cause of death from malignancy after lung and bronchial cancer in men and women in the United States. The African Americans (AA) are the ethnicity with the highest incidence (68.4 men, 51.7 women) and mortality (31.4 men, 21.6 women) in comparison with whites and Hispanics. 1 From our previous study, we demonstrated that AA has significant lower overall survival rate than Hispanics in our population in southern Bronx.2 We postulated that the discrepancy of mortality in these two cohort of patients who were from same geographical disposition raised the issue of biological risk of CRC and mortality among AA.

This is an extension study of Kanna at al2 to further evaluate histopathological features of CRC in African Americans and Hispanics that would predispose to aggressive nature of these tumors. Apart from demographic distributions, we wanted to compare characteristics of mucin production, blood vessel and lymphatic invasion, apoptosis and necrosis on the microscopic level, in view to support our hypothesis.

This is a retrospective, observational study. Data of 202 subjects originally reviewed by Kanna et al were extracted from electronic medical records for study of colorectal cancer mortality in African Americans as compared to Hispanics, between 2002 & 2007. We identified 76 patients out of our cohort of both African Americans and Hispanics with remaining pathological specimens preserved in our laboratory. These specimens are scrutinized under the microscope and data was collected and analyzed based on histopathologic characteristics including anatomical sub sites, mucus production, lymphatic and vascular invasion, necrosis and TNM staging. S...

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