Hiroshi Sugimoto

analytical Essay
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260 words

This black and white photo presenting Fifth Avenue Theatre in Seattle was taken by Hiroshi Sugimoto, a Japanese photographer, in 1997. It is a horizontal composition depicted an old-fashioned American movie palace interior from the end of the last century. Sugimoto used four by five film camera. With his camera shutter open, Sugimoto stood the front perspective to make the photo symmetrical and exposed the film for the duration of the entire movie, so that the screen became the only illuminant provided by the film projector, thus making a large contrast between black and white. With the reflection of dazzling white light, the details in the dark theatre were emerged. The decoration such as the poorly manufactured sculptures of Buddha on both

In this essay, the author

  • Describes hiroshi sugimoto's black and white photo presenting fifth avenue theatre in seattle in 1997.
  • Analyzes how sugimoto exposed the photo longer than one hour, making the flow of time freeze on a negative sheet.
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