Hired a loser lately?

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Hired a loser lately?

Recently I began a search for a medical specialist. Like so many, I started off with a Google search for the specialty with an interest in any reviews of listed establishments. The first review I read complained a lot about the bad experience encountered with the staff. This is a great example of “expectations not met.” That is the kind of review that no service provider wants to receive. Every practice wants a team that meets or exceeds their patient’s expectations

Your team building process starts with your selection process. When you are selecting among applicants for any position, you are looking at a number of criteria that you investigate several ways. You screen applications and resumes which can be inaccurate . Next is the interview, a setting in which applicants, especially in this economic climate, have more practice than you might have. If you use role-playing scenarios you’ll get an idea of how they might perform, but later you may be surprised by how stress affects their response to people. Interviewing is an art that takes structure, training, and practice. So how do you find time to do that really well?

One big hazard with the canned structural interview is that the questions become known and smart applicants prepare to present themselves as just what the interviewer is looking for. Even the popular use of “behavioral interviewing” has challenges. Just google “behavioral interviewing strategies” and you will receive over 51,000 results – most coaching applicants on how to beat the process . One of my neighbors is a cardio nurse. In her experience, interview questions always follow a similar pattern and enable the option of crafting an answer in a way that looks best for you. Draw your...

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...h minimal confusion. Coming to a consensus not only helps the office decorum or “mood,” it makes the employee search a no-brainer – and makes the eventual employee’s job priorities understandable (in small offices, the receptionist may be working for multiple professionals and getting different demands and priorities from each. Ouch!)

Putting together great teams that provide outstanding, high-quality service is a continuing challenge for leaders in the medical industry. Relying solely on historical data and the interviewing process results in an unstable stool. Adding that third leg of objective assessment compared against a well thought out and continually improving benchmark increases the potential of having highly productive and engaged professionals in your practice. A team composed of high performers develops its own healthy synergy that is unstoppable.
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