Hipster Model Car Case Study

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The ethical issue in this case that I picked that was the most important was the car manufacturer decision to not get the brakes which can cause people to get hurt and die. The reason it is not just a legal or policy issue is because it is their decision to let the car to be produced and sold to the public when they know it is not up to the standard that they expect. Even though there is going to be a policy and legal issue in the long run when people start to find out that the brakes are bad. It still is an ethical issue because it is their decision to put all of the people buying this car lives in danger because they decided to not fix the brakes. It makes it even more ethical because know the brakes are bad and still are letting people…show more content…
The one who is responsible for this and is the moral agent is the manufacturer of The Hipster model car. I think they are responsible for this ethical issue for a couple of reasons. First, the car brakes on this model car have major defects which can cause a lot of harm to people. Another, reason is that the manufacture knew that the car had brake defects and decided to not get it inspected or looked at again before it was sold to the public. The two reason I mentioned above are the reasons the ethical issue came up. If they would have fixed the brakes before they sold it then there wouldn’t be a…show more content…
The virtue ethics is where everything is about happiness and making money and not worrying about what the consequences are as you achieve happiness. This now leads to what I think a virtue ethicist would advise is the right thing to do in this case. I think they would tell the moral agent to do what makes them happy. That they would also say while doing the thing that makes them happy to not worry about the consequences along the way. That they should do what makes them happy but do not go to extreme about. They would say this to them because it could be that making money makes them happy so if they do not fix the brake they could be making more money right instead of losing money. Therefore, they would advise them to continue what they are doing that makes them

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