Hip Hop is controversial

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In my opinion, the main cause of violence in Chester is the musical industry and media in general. I feel that way because they mostly target teenagers in their commercials, music videos, video games, and on the internet. The musical industry definitely has the biggest influence on children by making the “thug life” look so glamorous like it is the only way to live. Here are some examples, Snoop Dogg - 20 Dollars 2 My Name nothing left to do, but buy some shells for my glock why? So I can rob every known dope spot and Tha Eastsidaz – Another day How much dirt have I done my life has just begun I sleep with my gun my problems weigh a ton... Live by the gun die by the gun. Do you see how they make stealing drugs and being scared to sleep at night sound like fun? By making the words rhyme and putting a catchy beat on it they are practically brainwashing today’s teens! (Also the grammar is not the greatest) All it takes is a for a couple kids to like the song and everyone starts singing and actually doing everything they talk about in the song. Everybody wants to be a “gangster” by any means necessary. So they do “cool” things like have sex, join gangs, do drugs, and show no respect for themselves and others. The weird part of that is all of those things have consequences and the rap songs rarely talk about them. Also in video games, like grand theft auto the way they make shooting someone down and stealing cars look fun, it’s absolutely preposterous, and smoking commercials Look at how so many of the “Newport pleasure” commercials and ads have teenagers in them, all smiling and happy like they don’t have a care in the world. Sure they have the sergeant generals warning about how smoking is bad for you but they also make it seem like...

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... to feel as if someone is their role model, but the problem is they are following the wrong people. When a teen has no one in their life they can look up to it simply makes them feel unloved and over the years feeling unloved will turn into anger. If parents and just any older individual would just pull some teenagers to the side and teach ladies how to be ladies and men how to be men and clean up our city a little bit and even fix the school up some. I’m sure this city would turn around. You just have to take interest in us, help us, and reach out to us. We are not bad kids, and were not stupid. Do you see how we memorize all those song lyrics? Thiers got to be some kind of brain in there. Help us use our brains for good. Sure at first we might try to push you away, because it’s something new to us and we are not used to it, but please don’t give up, never give up.
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