Hip Hop Essay: The Hypocrisy Of Hip-Hop

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The Hypocrisy of Hip-Hop
The world screams subliminal messages that attack the subconscious mind on a daily basis; whether it is on the radio on the way to a football game, or quietly in the background of every department store worldwide. The sounds of the trendiest songs always blare in the ears of every individual. The music that we listen to and the messages that their lyrics send have a deeper meaning; they are meant for one thing: to control our actions and emotions. Unbeknowest to the majority of its listeners, certain aspects of music have the ability to affect our actions and emotions through our subconscious mind. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics and Committee of Public Education, ``significant exposure to violent music and lyrical content can increase the risk of aggressive behavior in certain children and adolescents". Some say that angry and aggressive behavior cannot possibly be linked to the type of music kids listen to, but they are wrong. A generic study was conducted on a popular hip-hop artist and on average, there were approximately fourteen profanities in each song. As a whole, there were almost 218 profanities per album. If the typical teen
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Absolutley not! Music is so beautiful in the sense that it pierces the heart of every human in such a intricatley diverse way. I urge the listeners of this argument to take into consideration the type of music listened to. Our subconscious mind, the (sometimes accidental) idolizing of artists, and the real life reactions of listening to music that is not productive mentally or spiritually, but degenerative to the ear are a couple reasons on how music affects our actions and emotions. These prove that songs and their lyrics do affect us, whether it is filled with violence, drug usage, or sexual immorality. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to monitor song lyrics for messages that could be potentially

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