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The word Hinduism is originated from a Persian word that connects to the Sindhu or Indus River in northwest India. The word Hindu was first used by Arabs, Persians, and Afghans in fourteenth century. Hinduism is the oldest living religion and it is extreme in India. The other names which is used to known for Hinduism is “Sanatana Dharma” which means eternal religion and “Vaidika Dharma” which means the religion of the Vedas. It does not have a founder or date of origin like Christians or Islam do. Hinduism does not focus on a set of doctrines. There are 330 gods in the Hindu but they are not considered as polytheist. They believe that they only have one god that is Brahman but all other gods are the representation of Brahman in several ways. Hinduism is also called as the religion of freedom because this religion allows the broadest freedom in faith and worship. Hindus have different beliefs, concepts, text, festivals and several things like other religions do. The various aspects of Hinduism can be further discussed through the beliefs of Hindus in the laws of karma and dharma, reincarnation, liberation and non-violence or ahimsa.
Hindus belief that dharma helps to make flowers nurture, make sun star and moon shine. It is a power that helps to control the whole society. Dharma is also explained as to fulfill the duty of the life. The main purpose of dharma is it will help a person’s soul to come closer to god and it also gives a promise to secure the worldly joy and the eternal blessing. Practicing of dharma can make people happy, strong, and it can help people to lead a well-disciplined life. Dharma makes people moral and righteous. It i...

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...pes of dharma that we need to fulfill in this life. Karma is the things we do in this present life. Lord punishes us or rewards us according to each person’s dharma. Reincarnation was the most interesting belief of Hinduism. I was surprised to know about it. Being reincarnated according to the karma which we done in the past life is so surprising. Releasing from this birth and death cycle is liberation or also known as moksha. Getting moksha is the main goal of an every Hindus life. It is not easy to get moksha until we have lived a pure and perfect life in this worldly world. Non-violence or ahimsa is not injuring any living things. They believe that doing ahimsa is a bad and it can bring bad consequence in the reincarnated life. Being vegetarianism is a good way to maintain their non-violence. Over all it was good to know about the major beliefs of Hinduism.
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