Hindu Rituals

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Hindu Rituals

The model worshiper for the Hindu religion would be one that expresses one's devotion in every action that they take. Though the this is true in most religion's the Hindu religion is different in that rituals, festivals and other such type of practice are not the same as worship in the Hindu religion. Worship only occurs at a special time, place and occasion. As in the religion's like s worship and ritual are performed mostly at the same time. The Hindu religion has many different types of rituals that are performed for different occasions. Some of the rituals can only be performed by certain social classes.

Many of the rituals that take place can be found in the Vedic literature. The majority of the rituals are centered around sacrificial fires which are called yajna. Since the Hindu religion does not have a specific place nor time to worship many of them are done at temporary altars, there are not any types of deities, though there must be Brahmin priests to perform the ceremony. Majority of the rituals only involve the caste system, which is one of the highest social classes.

The yajna ritual can be for two purposes, the first type is for the general welfare of a kingdom or for the world as a whole. The second purpose for the yajna is for the good of the household. Though the rituals can also mean different things for example the person who may want the ritual done for the good of his household may also want there to be good for the world as well. The only real difference between these two types of rituals is that the ritual for welfare of the world, or for the general public is more complex, longer and more expensive then that of the good of the household ritual.

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...ey need to participate in the sacred power.

Hinduism has many different types of rituals that serve for different purposes, social system and occasion. Some rituals like the yajna are for that of the general good of the world or their households. There is the puja in which a devotee finds strength in that of a god or goddess. Others are there to help the deceased get to that of the world of the dead. There are pilgrimages in which worshippers go to a destination and become a being of sacred power or become closer to it.

Many Christians do not agree with the Hindu religion though if you look closely at their rituals and belief system it really is not that far off from that of Christianity. Hindu's believe that there should be good for the world, they believe in some form of god and they take pilgrimages just as many Christian people believe or participate in.

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