Hillary Clinton 's President Of The United States

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All the reasons why Hillary Clinton will NEVER be president of the United States Hillary Clinton is denying she did anything wrong. Again. “But the facts are pretty clear,” she states, “I did not receive anything that was classified at the time.” “I believe in transparency.” As to Benghazi, “What difference does it make?” A scandal, defined as “an action or event regarded as morally or legally wrong and causing general public outrage.” For Americans all the reasons why Hillary Clinton will NEVER be president of the United States are encompassed in the continuing scandals that accompany her. As a nation we should be outraged by the conduct of Hillary Clinton, a woman whose own sense of entitlement, places her above the law. She doesn’t deserve our trust. Integrity, veracity, and accountability in our leaders are critical. Following is a brief summary of five of Hillary’s national scandals. Scandal #1 - House Judiciary Committee Impeachment Inquiry Staff Clinton was 27 years old in 1974 when she got a job working on the impeachment investigation of Richard Nixon. The results of her efforts included a brief that argued that Nixon should not be granted attorney representation due to a lack of precedent. Clinton’s brief manifestly overlooked a recent, 1970, impeachment attempt against Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas who was allowed to have an attorney. Jerry Zeifman, who supervised the entire House Judiciary Committee Impeachment Inquiry staff, had knowledge that Clinton was aware of the existing precedent and knew that the Douglas files had public access. Along with her brief, Clinton advocated amending official House rules so that committee members would be unable to question witnesses. Clinton’s behavior... ... middle of paper ... ... survival for seven hours, while the Secretary of State did nothing. Scandal #5 – Email Scandal The Benghazi scandal led to the discovery of Clinton’s use of a personal email account for government business. Clinton asserted that she used her own private server for convenience, she simply wanted to carry only a single device although she has since refuted that claim. Clinton has sworn that there was no classified material on her private email server. Clinton voluntarily turned over her work-related emails, but decided to destroy personal messages and wipe her server clean. The FBI is still recovering deleted emails from the wiped server. The State Department has just released a new batch of emails containing 215 classified documents, with three marked “Secret.” If corruption surfaces, it generally surfaces as scandal. Hillary Clinton is surrounded by it.
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