Hillary Clinton 's Election Presidential Nominee For The Ballot Boxes

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Have you ever allowed an E-mail breach exposing government documents to potential hackers? Worse yet, have you ever been partially responsible for the deaths of four in Benghazi? Hillary Clinton, former president Bill Clinton’s wife, is the Democratic presidential nominee for the 2016 election. While I 'm not saying other candidates are better suited for the job, (cough cough* Trump), there are a plethora of reasons why you should steer clear of Hillary Clinton’s name at the ballot box. If Hillary wasn 't good enough for Bill in 1996, what makes you think she 's good enough to run our country in 2017? Because of Clinton’s E-mail scandals, hate towards gun owners and the NRA, and her overall dishonest personality, you should think twice about checking the box next to her name this November. For starters, Clinton’s email scandal represents poor leadership. On August 22nd, 2014, a federal judge ordered the state to plan the release of almost 15,000 emails found by the F.B.I, while investigating Hillary Clinton’s email account containing classified information. While the Federal Bureau of Investigation recommended no charges against Clinton, these acts must not go unnoticed. Just four months after she resigned from Secretary of State, the State Department noted correlation between the email account, and the deaths of four Americans at a C.I.A facility in Benghazi, Libya. An article titled “112 reasons (and counting!) Hillary Clinton should be our next president”, written by Elizabeth Chan and Emmy Bengston notes, “Hillary is prepared to tackle all challenges, including national security-because presidents don 't get to choose which issues come to their desks”. While I can agree with this statement, I do not believe that someone who ... ... middle of paper ... ...ise by releasing classified and private documents, both sent and received by Hillary Clinton on her private email server. Chan and Bengston’s article notes “We can’t afford a Republican in the White House”. What I believe America can’t afford is someone who will be dishonest in the White House. Being President of the United States means millions of people are looking up to you to make the correct decisions and lead the greatest country in the world to success. Make the right choice to put a truthful candidate in office rather than one known to be “crooked” In conclusion, there are multiple reasons as to why Hillary Clinton is the wrong candidate to vote for. Our country isn 't prepared for a President who shows such poor leadership qualities. If we continue to support Clinton in her race for presidency, who knows what could happen behind the desk in the oval office.

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