Hillary Clinton Reflection

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When I created this lesson plan, I knew that the students were really interested in the election. We had been doing an authentic unit on the election, and the students came to class every day with new ideas and comments on each candidate. Some students were very knowledgeable about the election, however, we had never talked about women’s suffrage and how women were not allowed to vote. From previous discussions, it sounded like most of the students’ families were democratic and would be voting for Hillary Clinton. This showed me that they felt as though it was important for us to possibly have a female president. When they were telling me all of this, I thought it would be beneficial for them to learn more about the history of women in…show more content…
I had heard students reading the article and asking their peers what certain words meant. They asked this not only because it was a word that was new to them, but also to get a better sense of what the article was saying. They wanted to learn about the struggles women had to face and how they fought their way through the obstacles. For the first article, it asked them to figure out how many years were between the Seneca Falls Convention, and the year one state granted women the right to vote. As I was walking around, I noticed that many students had different answers. When we came together to discuss each question, I was eager to hear the discussion that we could have for this specific one. I had one student share their answer, and then asked them how they came up with it. This student got 72 years. They shared the two dates that they used for their math, and then I asked students to raise their hand if they got a different answer. When we decided that this might not be the correct answer, I had one student share the date of when one state granted women the right to vote. This was Wyoming in 1890. Then I asked another student to tell me when the Seneca Falls Convention took place. They told me that it took place in 1848. When you subtract one from another, you get 42 years. This showed students that not only is okay to make mistakes, but many grew and learned from their mistakes. It also showed them to be careful when reading a question. As I reflect on this lesson, there is one thing I would change. The Women’s Suffrage Movement was an event that paved the way for women. It changed lives of every American, not just women. I wish I would have reflected more on how this activity made the students felt. I heard some discussions when they were working on the second activity, but I should have saved some time for
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