Hillary Clinton Presidential Debate Essay

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Prompt 1: Who won the debate & why? Based on the performance and content of the presidential debate, Hillary Clinton emerged the winner. A debate is a typical adversarial argument, which is characterized by competition. There is one winner and one loser. The argument revolves around two people who have different or opposite ways of thinking, argue the same topic. The arguer is intent on changing the other’s beliefs. Further, the arguer usually tries to refute the opponent by showing or invalidating the opponent’s viewpoints. In this first presidential debate, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton stated their claims and provided supporting facts to prove each is the better candidate for president. Both Donald and Hillary set out to sway more people to “their side” as choice for president of the United States. First, there is the content. Compared to Donald, Hillary carefully followed the Toulmin Model, which made her debate seem more powerful and persuasive. The Toulmin Model helps arguers craft and dissect their arguments. It consists of three main elements: claim, data, and warrant. Both candidates…show more content…
In a race for only one winner, it begins with the attitude and personality each reveals to the audience. No one wants their president to be rude and vulgar. Donald interrupted Hillary 51 times in the debate; he made faces, rolled his eyes, and “rocked” his body when Hillary talked. He put on his “I do not agree with you” and “that is not true” faces. On the other hand, from the start of the debate, Hillary showed her confident smile. Unlike Donald, she started the evening by thanking the host, the audience and the university for sharing its place for the debate. While these are small things, they truly reflect a person’s upbringing, grooming, and understanding of social
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