Hildegard Peplau Theory

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Hildegard Peplau Theory
Hildegard Peplau graduated in June 1943 with a BSN from Bennington College in Vermont. Her main focus was psych. After she graduated, she enlisted in the Army Nurse Corps with the intention on the front lines in psychiatry. She worked at a hospital in Shugborough Park, Staffordshire, England. Peplau lived in a nissan hut with six to seven people. There she became acquainted with noted psychiatrists. One of them was Meninger, chief U.S psychiatric consultant to the office of the surgeon general. There were so many people that would come in with psychiatric problems that doctors would take 6 week crash courses on psychiatry then practice. Peplau was the sole nurse permitted to audit the courses and was the only nurse in charge without a physician present. She witnessed physicians doing experiments on patients. When a soldier would come in they would automatically start them on deep sleep treatments, putting them in a partial coma. Peplau did not think this was ethical. That is when she introduced the idea of walking and talking with patients and would have them discuss their traumatic experiences. This is where her interpersonal relationship theory began (Silverstein 2008).
Nursing Process
Peplau used personality and communication skills to help patients as the “therapeutic use of self” . A nurse will develop and learn this with practice. A therapeutic approach will help relate effectively with patients, families, and other health car professionals. The nursing process can only start after the nurse makes a relationship with a patient. There are three phases of the nursing process. Orientation, working, and termination phase (Black 2014).
The orientation phase starts with the nurse introducing her/himself...

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