Highest Energy Cosmic Rays

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Highest cosmic energy rays have been studied for about a century now. Scientists have not been able to discover the origin of highest energy cosmic rays yet. They travel in looping patterns across the galaxy at high speeds. The cosmic rays were thought to be “extragalactic” by scientists in the late fifties because, “Galactic cosmic rays are not strong enough to contain such particles” (Stanev 1). The highest energy cosmic rays can contain energies of up to and over 1015 eV.
The history of these rays begins with Victor Hess back in 1912. He studied ionization in our atmosphere by launching electrometers, an instrument used to measure electrical potential, into space with weather balloons. He discovered that as you rise, the rate at which atoms ionize becomes grater. Hess explained this event as some sort of solar presage. For this discovery, Hess won a Nobel Prize. With this finding, like most, there was a problem. Hess began to assay his findings and espied something new. He ran his experiment at the same time a solar eclipse was occurring and disinterred that the levels at which atoms ionized were at the same levels which they were when he first certified his experiment. Hess deduced this happening as some sort of “intrinsic field.” It wasn’t till 1923 that this intrinsic field could be disproven. Philosopher Robert Millikan observed that instead of an intrinsic field, Hess was studying a mutability of photons and electrons. He concluded that these “cosmic rays,” which he named these fluxes, were not telluric, but instead came from interstellar space. Millikan explained these happenings as Compton Scatterings, gamma ray scatterings named after Arthur Compton.
Highest energy cosmic rays have been studied for about a century now...

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.... With advancements in our scientific field we are able to make new discoveries about our planet, solar system, galaxy, other galaxies, and universe.

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