Higher Education: Private Superiority Over Public

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The expansion of higher education has created a belief that a student will not be successful in life with graduating from top-notch colleges. However, acquiring the needed education does not erase the possibility of failure. In reality, approximately 4% of high school graduates are unemployed if they do not continue their education (Reaping 17). Though the unemployment rate is considerably low, having a college education does lower the probability of being unemployed. In order to maintain a career with a high paying salary against the mass competition, deciding which type of education to pursue is a key factor. One of the most basic decisions a high school student ponders before choosing their ideal college is whether that college will be public or private. Some students are led to believe that private colleges are superior due to their expensive prices and Ivy League reputations. On the other hand, many students choose to enter public universities, concluding that financial aid would not be enough to get out of debt after graduation. Tuition is a significant factor to take into account when picking a college, but it is not the most important aspect of a college. Public colleges have benefits apart from private colleges that are valued by certain professions and do just as well as graduates from private colleges. Private colleges, though they do not have certain benefits provided by public colleges, are still deserving of their sticker price due to factors associated with a students personal needs.
When considering the overall profits of a working adult after graduation, tuition needs to be considered. Public colleges are known to be cheaper than that of a private college, but private colleges offer financial aid for low-income st...

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