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Education is an important factor in developing an individual to fit in the various systems of the progressing world. Higher education in the 21st century is important for the success of any society, especially in modern America. It is an asset in the context of the global economy because it develops the workforce and talent that will eventually lead the social, economic, political, and cultural change in a nation and globally. As much as it is important, it faces political, economic, cultural, and social challenges in its establishment. The opportunity to obtain higher education is a privilege to any individual given the national and global challenges that affect this level of education.
Higher education is expensive to obtain especially in developed countries like the USA. Higher tuition fees have made the students aspiring to further their studies to seek for grants and loans. The grants and loans help the students to take the next step but it ties them down financially to the source of the money. It would be more favorable and more of a right if the higher education system in the USA was affordable but for those who are able to get it, it is a privilege to them. Some students finance their own higher education through part time employment or they may take time out of the university to work and raise enough funds for their tuition (Mullins and Martyn p 45). The elusive nature of this level of education makes it cease to be a right to the students who seek it because it is not readily available to them.
In the USA, there are no mandatory grants to help students finance their studies or for their maintenance while in school (Mullins and Martyn p 46). The grants are given on applications received from the students but they accumula...

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...are supposed to enjoy a right freely with no limitations. Higher education is a privilege for the American student because it comes with limitations in the process of enjoying it if it were a right because not all American students can enjoy it. It is therefore a privilege for the American student to access higher education.

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