High School vs. College

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Because college is so different from high school, it affects people in many different ways. For me personally, the increased pressure and added responsibility has made me a better student and provided me with opportunities to build a future. However, there are students who crack under the increased pressure leading to the demise of their college careers. Others do not make high enough marks to pass or obtain the scholarships necessary for the financial aspect of school. Fortunately for me, neither has happened thus far. Because high school was a requirement, many students were unprepared for the freedom experienced in college. During the short time I have been enrolled in college, I have seen my fair share of people who have given up, gotten kicked out, or simply not made the grades required to stay in college. However, I have been grateful for the opportunity to attend college and have seen it as a benefit that is not available for everyone. Although school is a long, uphill road that I have just begun to travel, I plan to make the most of my time here. Before college, I was the typical high school student with average grades. I thought I was smart enough to skip the important school days, not turn in my make-up work, and still maintain good scores. While it worked for a very short while, I have discovered I missed a lot of important information. Because I know only the base of what is expected for a person at my level, I have to work harder than others. This has caused more stress and made it hard to be calm while completing assignments and projects. As time has passed, I have studied more and have found it easier to meet the expectations of my teachers. However, I have continued to hit many bumps along the way. These p... ... middle of paper ... ... a new block, I carve it to fit perfectly with the one beside it. Each block then becomes part of an unbreakable wall of knowledge and security. Once built strong and secure, I will start on another wall of learning. As I join these walls together, I will form intellectual buildings and vast libraries of information and experience. Each building will add to my intellectual empire. I plan to take my empire and expand it as far as college will allow me. In the future, I will be known and respected based on my knowledge and not on the choices or mistakes I have made. From that point, I hope to have the tools and intellect to make my own path so that others can follow my example. Although high school prepared the ground, college created the blocks of learning, provided the mortar to hold them together, and instilled the drive in me to succeed and to build an empire.
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