High School Sports Research Paper

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There are many reasons school sports are beneficial to young athletes. That does not mean there are no problems with them at all because there are. Researches that work for High School Reporting Information Online (RIO) estimated that during the 2005-2006 football season, there were 517,726 football-related injuries. Not only that but from 200 to 2005, over 200,000 non-fatal injuries to the brain were related to football. These numbers are not positive to support school sports, and it is right to want to try and fix those numbers, but cutting sport funds is not the way to rid this problem.

School sports help relieve stress and provide a way for students to exercise, stay in shape, and have fun. Not only that, but school sports help kids develop good habits like working hard and being responsible. National Federation of State High School Activity Association's mission statement quotes that school sports promote "participation and sportsmanship". Their statement also says that sports help "develop good citizens through interscholastic activities which provide equitable opportunities, positive recognition and learning experiences to students while maximizing the achievement of educational goals." Is that not beneficial to young students?
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Research shows that kids who do not participate in school sports often are the lonely kids that suffer from low self-esteem and low confidence. Often kids feel that if they are not good at a sport, they can't play it. This is not the case because just by showing up and mingling with other students increases your chance of finding a friendship. School sports give kids the confidence they need to be successful when interacting with others. Sports help kids have relationships and
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