High School On An Athletic Scholarship

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Reflecting back on my career, I honestly couldn’t be more proud of myself at this point. I grew up in a lower income community with a blue collar family. Most people graduate from my High School and enter into the workforce, passing on college or trade schools. Most of these jobs are manufacturing or labor intensive positions. I however, had the fortune of attending college right out of High School on an athletic scholarship. Although I found out quickly that I was not ready to take on the responsibility of a student-athlete. Therefore, after just one year of college, I dropped out. Quickly realizing I needed to make money and provide for myself, I began working for a lawn care company. Working in lawn care was draining both physically and mentally. Physical labor 50+ hours a week takes its toll on your body. After work you don’t want to do anything but rest. You don’t have a lot of free time and you find yourself becoming burnt out really fast. Mentally you question yourself every day. Questions like, “why am I doing this” or “there has to be another way”. You feel worthless at times. After a year or so of doing lawn care, I chose to go back to school part-time, taking a class or two at a time. I still had to work in lawn care in order to pay the bills but I had a goal in mind, a goal to finish what I started. I always knew I wanted to work in a professional environment. After 4 years of working and taking courses, I decided I needed to change my environment. I was surrounded by the same people, people that weren’t contributing to my goal of becoming successful. Therefore, with some college education under my belt, I decided to apply for entry-level sales positions in Chicago. After interviews started to pres... ... middle of paper ... ...find more leads. B.) Implement performance enhancement plans for those not trying as hard. Obviously option B was something my boss would have to handle. Therefore, I went with option A. My course of action was to train my team on the processes and resources I utilize on a daily basis. Implementing the solution included one-on-one training with each rep, job shadowing and a list of resources to help find new prospects. After implementing this solution, it was determined that each rep, with the exception of one, were now filling there pipelines accordingly to ensure we are on pace to hit both monthly and yearly quotas. It is too early to tell if this solution has worked in the long-term, but at this point my boss doesn’t seemed worried about generating new prospects. I’m now responsible for training all new reps on the tips and tricks of finding new prospects.

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