High School Is The Best Four Years Of Your Life

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High school is said to be the best four years of your life. That is if you attend a great high school. My high school, RMC, resembled a prison both physically and metaphorically. The only difference between a high school and a prison is that you get to go home at the end of each day in high school. Admittedly, I did enjoy my first year at RMC. However, the teachers I had were great and the building was actually in one piece. Nevertheless, I began to dread going to school as the rest of my three years there dragged on. After all, the teachers stopped caring, the building started to fall apart, and it felt as though the rules got stricter as the years went on. Not all teachers at RMC were the worst. However, it wasn’t easy finding a teacher who cared and knew what they were teaching. For instance, I had a French teacher who would contradict everything she taught. In fact, students would often correct her for simple concepts we learned the year before. Next, I had a chemistry teacher who would refuse to answer questions. For example, I would ask her to help me through a problem and she would ask me what I thought the answer was. If I knew what the answer was I wouldn’t be asking for help, but this thought obviously never came across her mind. In short, I would feel as though it was my fault I didn’t understand something even though I asked for helped and looked to other sources. It wasn’t an enriching way to learn. When I started at RMC the only problem I had with the building was the lack of air conditioning. The building was too old for it to be installed so classrooms were filled with fans or small air conditioning units that barely made it 5 degrees cooler. The heat made it difficult to pay attention and enjoy being there. Howeve... ... middle of paper ... ...g in the hallway, the commissionaires (basically security guards), would make you clean the entire cafeteria. This punishment is also given to students who wear their hats inside, however, they don’t usually get their hats back. I would not recommend RMC if you are looking to send your child to a Catholic school unless you are okay with the possibility of the school falling apart on top of your kid. In fact, there are fences surrounded the walls outside of the school because the bricks are falling off and they don’t want kids getting too close or they are in danger of getting hit. Or if you don’t mind spending hundreds of dollars throughout your child’s 4 years on uniforms. Personally, $40 for a pair of ugly thick khaki pants is just ridiculous. In other words, if you want your child to have a terrible high school experience, then RMC is the perfect school to attend.

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