High School And Undergraduate Years

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Throughout my high school and undergraduate years I was blessed with several opportunities to travel abroad on mission trips to extremely underprivileged areas such as villages in Africa and Nicaragua. Going to Africa and seeing the children walk around with no shoes, and living in mud homes only the size of my family room was extremely eye opening. A family who has nothing but disease, heartache, and hunger consuming their lives is what bothers me the most. It brings me joy when I see healthy families spending time together and keeping that close bond no matter what the age of the children. Because of little access to appropriate health care and clean water illnesses and disease consume so many of the lives of young children in the villages of Africa and Nicaragua that I visited. Being exposed to such widespread maltreatment and impoverishment of children and families, I became determined to help those in need. Simply being disheartened by the reality of these families we encountered is not enough. Since then I have involved myself in internships and volunteer work gaining as much experience as I can to equip myself to make a positive impact on people’s lives. I desire to become a clinical social worker working with physicians to help patients cope with medical issues, diagnose and begin treatment processes with clients, and conduct medical or discharge plans. Because of my undergraduate study in sociology at Texas A&M University, I have gained an understanding of people and their beliefs, behavior, and social trends. Five years from now I envision myself working with families, women and children in particular. I see myself working at a hospital or clinic helping those who face hardships simply too difficult to face on their own... ... middle of paper ... ...uations will prepare me to teach them how to use this barrier as an advantage, instead of letting it hinder them. I saw this first hand in student therapy sessions during my internship at The Monarch School. Earning a Masters of Social Work at The University of Houston will bring me one step closer to accomplishing my goals. Already having experience from internships, volunteer work, and several mission trips around the world, I am confident and determined to turn my dream into reality. Texas A&M University has well prepared me to become a full-time graduate student at The University of Houston. After conversing with the College Recruitment Manager in the College of Social Work, Ms. Anna Johnson, and going on a university tour, I am more than ready to dive deeper into the Masters of Social Work program so I can begin healing the world one person at a time.
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