High Blood Pressure

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The heart is complex organ that can have many things go wrong with it. The heart plays a major role in the circulatory system, and when something goes wrong with the heart it effects the entire system. There are several causes to high blood pressure and there are many ways to prevent it. Hypertension or high blood pressure has its causes and effects and there are multiple treatments for it.
There are several causes of high blood pressure. One of the major causes of high blood pressure is poor diet. If there is an extensive unhealthy intake of food then that possibly means that large amounts of sodium are being ingested. The recommended daily intake of sodium is on thousand five hundred mg. meals that contain a lot of sodium also tends to have large quantities of saturated fat and cholesterol. Saturated fats and cholesterol serves to clog the arteries making the heart work extremely hard just to pump blood in the circulatory system. This causes blood pressure levels to rise (Scott).
On the other hand, Stress is another one of the big factors in the causes of high blood pressure, and it also has a detrimental effect on people’s general health. People are placed under tremendous amounts of pressure to perform well at work and school, to provide their families at home or to graduate. This raises the blood pressure in a similar way to the intake of large amounts of saturated fats; it makes the heart rate increase to enable it to pump the blood round the system (Scott).
Kidney disease is another cause of high blood pressure. High blood pressure has different affects on the body and the kidneys play a key role in keeping a person's blood pressure in a healthy range, and blood pressure, in turn, can affect the health of the kidneys....

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