Hiding from Reality

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Why do people want to live in a perfect world? Everyone wants to live in their own fantasy world because that is where all their dreams are able to come true. No one wants a world of grief and sorrow. Life should be lived to its fullest. It should not be wasted. It should be embraced. When we are faced with agony, we must either make a choice between accepting it or hiding from it. In the play “A Streetcar Named Desire” by Tennessee Williams, the author mainly focuses on Blanche Dubois, a woman who moved to her sister’s house due to the loss of Belle Reve, her family home. She is a deceptive and selfish person, who cannot accept the occurrence of agony in her life. She mentally deteriorates due to the lost and rejection of love, and due to her selfishness. She chooses to hide from the truth. When an individual hides from reality, it will only result in them hurting themselves. At the beginning of the play, Blanche is already in a nervous breakdown as she was drinking wine that she found in Stella’s house. She was using it to calm her nerves. When Stanley came home from his bowling game, he had a conversation with her. At the end of the scene, he asks her about her husband. She started to break apart as she says “The boy – the boy died; [She sinks back down] I’m afraid I‘m - going to be sick! [Her head falls on her arms],” (p. 31). This represents that her husband’s death has resulted her to go into a depression. She is unstable whenever she is reminded of her husband. She had some memories with her husband that she cannot forget causing her to be really sad. It is later revealed in the play that her husband was with another man. He killed himself due her revulsion towards him. She states “by coming suddenly into a room that I tho... ... middle of paper ... ...someone she is not. Everyone experiences hard times in their lifetime. The outcome will depend on how you face these obstacles. Blanche became shattered when her husband died, but she chose not to accept it, which why it resulted in her only hurting herself. She tried to find another love to cover up her empty heart, but in the end, she deluded him, and hurt herself even more. She tried to act like she was living the perfect life, and that she was better than everyone else, but that cause her a major downfall. Lies can never be hidden forever, and once hers were revealed, she could not hide anywhere and was forced to face the horrible consequences she has created. Dealing with reality can sometimes be challenging, but if you learn to face and overcome these challenges, reality will not be that terrible.
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