Hide and Seek with Voodoo doll

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This game is popular with people who believe in ghosts or supernatural. It is usually called “ Hide and seek with a Voodoo doll”. Thus supernatural game was played by plenty of people. According to their review, they commonly felt chills and need courage to try it. Now I’m going to introduce how to play this creepy game. First you need some supplies. You need a voodoo doll which has to look like a human, then you need a white rice, hair, nail, red thread, salt water, needle and any sharp objects like knife and scissors. In addition hairs and nails must be yours! . . . This is what I read from the “Mysterious Game” book. Of course I don’t believe in super naturals or ghosts. They are all sleazy tricks! However after I read this book, I really wanted to try it even though I don’t believe these things! Next day, I prepared all the supplies for the game and climbed the mountain. The mountain was near by my house. So I sometimes climb the mountain when I feel dizzy. Few years ago, I found empty house during climbing the mountain. I thought that this is house is perfect place to play spooky games. After I went in to the house, I found a big living room. “Yes! It is a best place to play game!” I shouted. I started to set the game at 1a.m., because we have to play the game at midnight to see the possession. . . . Before we play the game, we have to set the game up. First, you have to cut the doll’s stomach and fill with white rice, hairs and nails. The hair and nail should be yours, and you must not put blood in. After you finished setting those you should sew the stomach with red thread. If there is left over, you must sheave it to the dolls neck. After that you need a big bowl. You should fill a big bowl with water and put the d... ... middle of paper ... ...in an undertone. “Hades found Isaac!” “Hades won” Hades slashed and scratched and chopped him with the knife. Isaac was screaming with anger and fear. Mixture of the doll’s crazy laughter and lightening and strong wind, especially howling woke peaceful forest up. Finally everything became calm… After few days, a police found a rotten body and a doll muddled with a blood. During the search they found a camera. Police found only one video in the camera. The video was about a man doing supernatural game in the house. However the video was little bit awkward. The man was frightened by nothing. He just chocked himself and dive into the bathroom door and broke it. The man also chopped himself with a knife, and died. It was mysterious video before the police found a shocking scene. The doll in the bowl smiled slowly like he achieved something after the man suicided.

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