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Atkin pulled open the door to her office wondering where Mike had gone. It was four forty five, he was not at his desk, and they had plans to discuss Elizabeth Tomes and todays revelation. Perhaps he had gone for a bathroom stop, she thought. Atkin reached around the wall and flicked on the light switch, unaware of the man hiding against the wall. His presence brutally announced when a strong hand grabbed her arm and yanked her forcibly into the office. The assailant quickly spun her body around, twisting her arm up behind her back. Atkin screamed in pain and surprise. “Shut up,” said the assailant in a voice tinged with an Asian accent. She tried to pull her arm free from his grasp but her attacker savagely pushed it further up her back while forcing her into a kneeling position. Atkin winched at the pain as tears ran down her cheeks. “Do not fight me, if you do the pain will get worse.” “Ok,” replied Atkin in submission. What is this about, she thought. Atkin glanced around for her handbag, it contained pepper spray, but it had fallen well out of reach on the floor. “Elizabeth Tomes, how do you contact her?” “I, I have a phone number. That was all she gave me,” spluttered Atkin. “Take what you want, please let me go.” “Give me the number, now.” “Umm, it’s in a client file - in the red filing cabinet,” Atkin said. The view of her attacker was limited. From her stooped position, all she could see were his pants and trainers. “Get up, now.” The assailant pulled her to her feet keeping her arm firmly bent up her back so there was no way she could see his face. “Walk.” Sandwiched together, they walked slowly to the filing cabinet behind her desk. Atkin noticed the pain in her arm had dulled, the tightness of the hold cutting off c... ... middle of paper ... ...that explains Scott Tomes attitude this afternoon. Accused me of being a journalist after he caught me taking photos. I told him about Elizabeth and he calmed down. We ended up having coffee in Lasemein’s boardroom. Scott told me Elizabeth had disappeared in Shanghai while on business for Gerald Duong and presumed dead. Scott and Elizabeth had already divorced due to her affair with a property developer.” “That wouldn’t be Robbie Bernard by any chance,” Mike said. “How did you know?” “I found a marriage certificate between Elizabeth Tomes and Robbie Bernard dated three months after her divorce from Scott Tomes,” Mike said. Their conversation was interrupted by knocking and loud voices at the front door. “The Police,” said Mike as moved to meet them. He paused at the doorway, “I take it we are investigating Lasemein Construction et al?” “I think we are,” said Atkin.
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