Hidden Incentives For Becoming An Active Student

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Coming into college, there are hidden incentives to becoming an active student that my high school prepared me for. I knew that I would struggle in the beginning to find my place and to figure out how to become an active scholar due to my personality. However, using my personality as a crutch was not going to be an excuse to not get involved. Within the year, I became part of an undergraduate research program with one of the biology professor’s at Purdue Northwest. By doing this research project I have excelled at not only my time management, but also in being a leader for my group and for the project itself. As a group, we try to equal out responsibilities and tasks so one person doesn’t have to take on all of the responsibility but we do not specifically assign them to each other. It is very open. I do find myself the one who sets up all of the meetings/supply pick-up emails and keeps the group on track and focused on what we have to do. Responsibility wise, it is a detrimental to keeping the research alive. Additionally, it is a huge leadership role that I am also very comfor...
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