Hidden Effects Of Bullying Essay

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The Hidden Effects of Bullying
Dedin Eka Nurpratama

Do parents know what happened to their children out of their control?

There is a great chance that there are some problems at school that children get, it can be a fighting, vandalism, or bullying. We know that bullying is the biggest problem in school, there are a lot of news on TV or newspaper that tell about bullying. Bullying can happen because the bully wants to avenge his/her experienced. Bullying can occur because of many things, and someone wheter at school or home must act to reduce the bullying. Actually, bullying can have bad effects to the children’s psycologically and mentality.

Bullying have bad effects for children who experienced it. The effect that can not be hidden is stress. Children who often get bullying will be easier becoming stress because sometimes they are afraid to tell their felling to the other. For instance, they are afraid if their parents know, they will get a punishment from
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It will be bad things for children life. Bullying can be occured because of many thing such as children do not get enough attention, it also can be because of bad suggestions from the other. Parents have the biggest part of creating their children’s personality, they have to know what happened to their children. Parents also have to keep their communication and do not let their children just silent if there is something happens to them. If bullying happens at school, parents should tell their children to be brave to report it to teachers or parents should consult with the teacher directly. The teacher at school also can give the bully some punsihments and do not forget to give guidance to the bully. Bullying is the biggest problem that children get, someone at school or home should make a move to reduce bullying or to create a good children’s personality so they will not do bullying and become the
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