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This piece goes here.... What about this one? Here? No, obviously not. Oh, it goes here, I thought as I solved a puzzle I had recently bought in my hotel room. I was using it to keep my mind off the case. The killings continued, yet the agents reported no suspicious activity. Their week was almost up. I didn't even care that I would lose the bet; I wanted to catch Kira! I was so sure at least one of those suspects would have done something to give them a chance of being Kira, but they were all squeaky clean. It was irritating me. I didn't want to go back to square one. We barely had a square one to work on as it was. I was snapped out of my thoughts by the three beeps I heard from my laptop. I saw Watari on my screen. L's insignia popped up next to it. "H, where are you?" his computerized voice came through the speakers. I almost fell rushing over to the computer and sat in the chair at the desk. I turned on my mic and made my signature "H" appear on their screens. "I'm right here, sorry," I apologized. "What is it, Watari?" L asked. "Three more heart attack victims, but the circumstances of their deaths are different from what we've seen thus far," Watari explained. I raised an eyebrow at this. Different? How? L voiced my thoughts, "What do you mean by different?" All he said was, "I'm sending you both a copy of a letter as well pictures taken at the scene." L and I said simultaneously, "Okay." A file appeared on my screen, and I quickly opened it. I frowned at the letter written in Japanese. Couldn't it have been English for once? I did manage to make out most of the words. It seemed the victim was afraid of what Kira would do to him. There was also a few pictures. The two that stood out to me was a pentagra... ... middle of paper ... ... we need to find out what it is through these clues," he replied. "If he moves now, there's a good chance the FBI would notice someone acting suspiciously." I shook my head, "The FBI will only be here a day or two more." "Then, I'll extend the deadline. I'll say there might be a break in the case." "No, you're risking their lives even more. If they haven't found anything by now, then they aren't going to. It's a bad idea," I argued. He countered, "It's necessary." "Even then, we've learned Kira must be a master of disguise to have gotten away with this for so long. Will he really mess up now?" I doubted. "Maybe. I'm not sure," L shrugged. "He's clever. He knows what he's doing. He's figuring things out fast. We need to be careful about how we go about this," I warned. L assured me, "We'll catch Kira no matter what." That's what I'm worried about.

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