Hezbollah, a protector of Lebanon of an Iranian Proxy?

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Hezbollah, a protector of Lebanon of an Iranian Proxy? Hezbollah’s program was formed in the 1980s. It is a Shia Islamic militant group that was a Lebanon based political party. Resistance movement is the name acquitted to its paramilitary wing in many of Arab and Shiite communities. It’s considered more powerful than the Lebanese Army. This explains why Ayatollah Khomeini cohorts aided in its formation for the purpose of Islamic revolution rise. The program was for those who had been oppressed both in Lebanon and worldwide, it strongly supports the Lebanon Shia community and has broadly expanded as it started as a small militia group. When the program first started it had the following principles - Expelling the colonialists from Lebanon, including the French and Americans, and bring justice for any crimes they have subjected Muslims and Christians to. Also, upholding an Islamic government was a main goal. Hezbollah’s program portrays itself as a protector of the Lebanese people that supports the destruction of the state of Israel, but lately after the Syrian revolution it’s questioned to be an Iranian proxy. Hassan Nasserallah currently leads the program. Born in 1960, in Hammoud neighborhood to the east of the county’s capital city. He is regarded as the Sayyid because he was a descendant of the prophet Muhammed (PBUH), who was the last Islamic prophet. Radical in his operations, at 15 years, Nasserallah was known by the Amal movement that was later deprived. The leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini, had an authoritative role to Hezbollah and his commands were to be followed to the letter (Cunningham, 2009 p.23). Hezbollah’s ideology further called Christians to embrace Islam and act in accordance to sharia. Hezbollah had var... ... middle of paper ... ...monstrate an act of serving Iran’s interest. The Middle East has become a subject of violence especially among religions, Muslims being the majority group. However, Hezbollah is fighting against this through rendering illegal violence among the Israelites and thus evading conflicts. Hezbollah's war against the Israelites in the 1980s was a challenge and merit of the group. It broke the peace of the Israelites and Jews who lived in Israel rendering them immigrants in other nations. The secretary general of Hezbollah depicts an attitude of loath and determination to conquer the Jews. He refers to them as weaklings and believes that they should be executed or exiled. There still exist the enmity in the Middle East countries, and this deprives it of development as it does not call for foreigners due to the rates of insecurity and war resulting to political instability.

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