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Isabella Andreini was a phenomenal woman who captivated audiences through out the 1400s. She can be considered a relevant mentor to performers today due to her breaking down barriers on stage. Isabella Andreini is the definition of what modern day women call “independent woman”. The respect toward Andreini in her endeavors during this time and posthumously shows that she was a star. While she is well known because of her theatrical success, her accomplishments in music and literature keep her well known today. Her numerous accomplishments make her a woman that many can aspire to be like and use her as a way to move past other roadblocks within society today.
The Gelosi troupe gave Isabella Andreini her start at age 15. They were trained actors who toured doing improvisation and were well known for there physical comedy as well as, flexibility. Andreini created the role of “Isabella” the ingenue who was in love with the idea of being in love and her husband Fernando played Isabella’s love interest Fabio. She created this role during a time when women were not seen on stage and many did not feel it was appropriate for them to be on stage. “Isabella” was a remarkable character that feigned madness and dressed like a man. The first time she debuted the character was during the Medici wedding. Many who saw her act as Isabella were amazed at how well she played her. She showed that women were multi-dimensional, complex characters, and were smart. A critic of the time named Tommaso Garzoni praised Isabella stating the gracious Isabella, dignity of the scene, ornament of the stage, a superb spectacle no less of virtu than of beauty, has so illuminated the style of her profession, that while the world lasts, while the centuries endure...

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...ter after her death because of the numerous stories she told through song.
Isabella Andreini worked very hard to have these amazing things said about her. She did what modern day women with less help and encouragement. She took what was an all boys occupation and used it to catapult her career in many things. Her stage plays, poems, other literary works, musical abilities, and theatrical presence is what truly made her a star. She has continued and will continue to be a great influence on women in theatre. Her ability to accomplish so much as a woman and work with other men as a way to help herself is truly extraordinary. Many adored and loved her especially in the literary world. When she died many of her letters and letters praising her were released. Isabella Andreini will always be a significant woman in history because of the many doors she helped try to open.
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