Heterosexuality Essay

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In a patriarchal society that enforces the construction of heterosexual citizenship we are policed to follow normative discourses and structures that regulate social policies encouraging heteronormative behavior. Dominant ideologies of sexuality thus regulate and normalize social policies that create this second-class status for LGBT people. Those who fail to comply with conventional male and female behaviors are forced to live on the margins of society, excluding them from social, legal and economic rewards forcing homosexual individuals to live a life where they are required to constantly defend their sexual loyalties. The following essay will be used to discuss the challenges to normative constructions of sexuality by dismantling the naturalization of heterosexuality in analyzing the binary of heteronormativity with the use of the song ‘Same Love’ by hip-hop artist Macklemore. Heterosexuality is a political institution, which disempowers women and men by taking away their right to citizenship. Rapper Macklemore’s track provides a social commentary for the discussion of homosexual love in todays mainstream music. By expressing his support towards the sanction of gay marriage he is challenging normative sexuality, and spreading awareness towards a now-present social issue. By analyzing the song, music video and live Grammy performance it is clear LGBT communities break down taboos by rejecting this idea of a compulsory lifestyle. Using the work and writing of Lord, Ingraham and Concannon this paper will explore the relationship between citizenship, sexual identity and social exclusion.

“The Silencing of Sexuality” by author Cassandra Lord focuses on the negative response society places on homosexuality. The concept of living a...

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...owards heteronormativity. What people refer to, as normal human behavior doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone. However, due to conservative traditional and religious beliefs, the integration of homosexuals in society is often met with resistance. It can therefore be said that societal conservative tendencies have led to the intolerance of homosexuality therefore causing the inequality of LGBT men and women. In order to challenge normative constructions on sexuality one must first acknowledge that discrimination is still evident and continues to be a reason behind socio-political exclusion. The operations behind social policies cause oppression and isolation, and only re-thinking our approach in delivering new policies can hopefully one day meet the needs for a diverse lifestyle or in the words of Macklemore “It's human rights for everybody, there is no difference!”
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