Heteronorsexuality And Homosexuality

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The societal attitude towards sexuality has always been a covenant between homosexuality and heterosexuality. As far as the historians can trace back, homosexuality has always been outrageously discriminated and labeled against the consideration of contention. More recently, the post-gay era has significantly represented huge recognition towards homosexuality, from being in a behavioral condition to an identity. Over time, homosexuality is no longer classified as an immoral belief instead the focus of this sexual orientation results in a more normalized outcome. This essay will argue that today’s post-gay era indicates a strong societal acceptance of homosexuality being normalized through the changes of sexual politics in several decades. Historically within the framework of sexuality, heteronormativity strongly operates heterosexuality as a normalized form of sexual arrangement. According to Herek (1990), the concept of heteronormativity is widely contributed to the operation of heterosexism. Heterosexism is a cultural ideology which maintains a strong sense of sexual stigma by denying, denigrating and stigmatizing any system that is not heterosexual (Herek, 1990). Heteronormativity is socially instituted through the idea of Rubin’s charmed circle of sexuality, it is highly…show more content…
This includes the era of the closet, the coming out era, and the post-gay era. The era of the closet was the period of time when gay people 's sexuality and identity was not socially accepted. Within this era of the closet, many gay individuals conceal their sexuality and lived in a double standard life (Seidman, 1999). Many homosexual individuals were expected to engage in life with the appearance of being heterosexual. Those who fail the essential requirement of being heterosexual was classified in the DMI-I with the pathological mental disorder (American Psychiatric Association,
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