Heteronormativity Argumentative Essay

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In modern society, everyone seems to be fighting or arguing for specific causes. The LGBTQ+ community has grown increasingly in recent times as more people have “come out” and shown their support as allies of the community. Sam-sex partnerships are met with increased acceptance and same-sex marriage was made legal in the United States last summer. “Being queer” is not a new notion in the slightest and yet there is still a push-back against the queer community. Heteronormativity is still pushed as the “right” way. Heteronormativity states that everyone falls into one of two complementary genders and from there they engage in heterosexual partnerships. However, despite the history of heteronormative culture in the USA, society as a whole is evolving…show more content…
One of these ways could be a concentrated effort amongst educators and others to use both homosexual and heterosexual examples and to speak openly about both. By openly speaking about both heterosexuality and homosexuality, an environment in which both perspectives are accepted and seen as equal would come about. This would also transfer over into the society’s belief on gender roles by doing away with the two specific genders that currently dominate our society. Open dialogue keeps heteronormativity at bay by calling attention to all and allowing all to explore a variety of different gender identities. Another way, which was spoken about in class, is by integrating typical single-gender activities such as sports. Brandeis club sports makes a point of having female, male, and co-ed options when it comes to sports. This third option allows students to partake regardless of what gender they identify as and creates a safe space for everyone. There are many ways to create spaces that are conducive for gender fluidity and disband the societal expectations of two heteronormative gender roles. However, as a whole, getting rid of heteronormativity will not be an easy
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