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Milton Hershey was born in Derry Church, Pennsylvania in 1857. He was raised on a farm and never got passed the fourth grade. When he was eighteen his parents sent him to live with a chocolate maker so that he would learn the trait. After several failures, he founded his first successful business, the Lancaster Caramel Company. The Lancaster Caramel Company was doing so well that Hershey decided to open another Company to manufacture the chocolate. Hershey grew more wealthy and powerful; he opened the new chocolate factory in the town in which he was born. The town thrived on the factory because of the new jobs it created and Hershey donated money for schools and parks. Because of what he did for the town the community was renamed Hershey. Hershey died in 1945 at the old age of eighty-eight. The Hershey Food Corporation was still young and had not branched out into other products besides chocolate. One of the original products was the Hershey kiss. Later to come were produces such as Mr. Goodbar 1925, Hershey’s syrup 1926, chocolate chips 1928, and the Krackel bar 1938. The Reeces Company started out as a separate organization but because they were so similar the Reeces Company merged with the Hershey Food Corporation. The production of the new food products helped people deal with the great depression by creating more jobs. During World War II the Hershey Food Corporation produced a field ration bar. Some Hershey factories were even used to build parts for weapons that the military would use in the war. Just recently the Hershey Food Corporation has expanded its products. Hershey’s now own the rights to Twizzlers licorice, Ronzoni Foods, Rowntree, and Y&S candies. Hershey Foods Corporation currently has 14,000 full-time employees throughout the worldwide offices and factories. The current President, and Chief Executive Officer is Richard H. Lenny and the Senior Vice President is Marcella K. Arline. Last year Hershey Foods Corporation earned $4.2 billion in Sales. The Hershey's corporate headquarters is located 100 Crystal A Drive, Hershey, PA 17033 the town where it all began.

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