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Globalization is the interconnectedness and interdependence of countries economically, culturally, and politically. Globalization cannot be as easily measured as development since there are no direct indicators or indexes that are designated for representing globalization. This is due to the fact that globalization is characterized by a combination of economical, cultural, political, technological, social, and environmental factors. In contrast, there are numerous indicators to measure development defined by a state of growth or advancement and measured by improvement in healthcare, economy, technology etc. A basic indicator for development is the Human Development Index (HDI), a composite index incorporating following statistical parameters: life expectancy, educational attainment (number of children in schools; adult literacy), and GDP per capita. It takes into account not just economic development measured by GDP per capita but also measures quality of life in a country. While the HDI is not a measure of globalization per se, many developing countries attribute accelerated process of development and liberalization to globalization. HDI is at best, a proxy indicator of globalization, as there are many possible factors of globalization that might have significantly contributed to development. One of the indicators of the HDI, GDP per capita, can be influenced by overseas remittances, by transfer of money from a migrant worker to their home-country. And through import or exports of drugs, food products, and medical technologies people have a better chance to survive diseases, hence live longer. Similarly education can be obtained online with good connectivity, linking opportunities with higher needs for education. HDI integrates ...

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...between the ranks from both my index and that of the KOF. From a total of seven ranks, only two were accurate, while the rest varied a bit which can be explained by the individual country statistics on that particular indicator. For my personal globalization index, I chose a single indicator for each of the five aspects of globalization, however, the composite KOF took into account more explicit indicators for each economic, political, social (cultural and technological) aspects… However the overall trend and correlation between the development level and globalization extent holds. As represented by Figure 7, when the KOF value for a country is high, such as the Netherlands, so was the HDI. All HDI values for all KOF values of different countries correlated, except for Iran, because it is the only country that is although developed, very closed from other countries.
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