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Globalization is the increasing interconnectedness and interdependence of the world economically, culturally, and politically through widespread diffusion of technology. However, globalization is not a new or recent phenomena. One evidence of this, is Source E. In 1914, European countries ruled parts of Africa for the natural resources and land. These resources included elephant tusks, diamonds, other minerals such as coal, and rubber. Linking to Source A, Belgium exploited the rubber and other resources from the Belgian Congo to reach where it is today. With those resources from Africa, they were able to create car tires, which were then sold and exported to earn money, and build great architectures like the Grand Palace in Brussels. Trade was an important aspect in 1914, however, globalization existed even earlier than that as shown by Source B. In 1888, De Beers, a cartel of companies that dominate the diamond trading and industrial diamond manufacturing was founded by a British named Cecil Rhodes. He was financed by a South African diamond business man and a London-based bank. M...
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