Heroism Essay

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A hero is person, typically a man who is admired for his outstanding achievements, courage or noble qualities and he is seen as legendary figure. They exhibit virtues that have been adored and referred to by the entire human races. These heroic behaviors are contributed to by empathy and compassion about something for instance; they tend to be concerned with the well-being of other people in the society. According to psychology of heroism people possibly learn to heroes. Further, they are not just compassionate about others but they are keen to see things from the perspective of others. As consequence they help others no matter the situation. These heroes possess qualities that are discussed in this paper.
First and foremost, they are courageous. He is always if not all times overcome fears and any challenge they meet on their endeavor. It takes them both skill and confidence to rush in where other fear to venture or to trend their exhibits personal confidence and abilities. This confidence and intrinsic belief in them helps them to overcome all challenges on their ways and achieving success no matters the odds. Hero are persons who persists even in face of fear by having the ability to overcome fear for instance, a person who rushes into a burning house to save a life and defying government threats in case of human right activists. Therefore, they are able to see a more optimistic outcome in face of danger. In many case, they are tolerant for risk hence risk takers.
Secondly, a hero portrays honesty and loyalty. Hero take honesty as is foundation for all his endeavors and this is portrayed by his effort and determination toward success. This honesty earns him respect and admiration from others people making him to have followers...

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...o especially in the mythological ancient Greece. Mostly anti-hero has disturbing backgrounds that propelled them into their present nature and normally have mental and spiritual conflict within them which affect or effect the decisions they make. Sometimes their motives to do good emanates when they want to get something in return. Therefore, anti-hero does what is right in order and only when he assured of getting some sort of profit. They treat their work as business transaction and revenge.
In conclusion, it clear that hero service society as calling and devote their energy and skill to help no matter the setbacks a head and risk associated with the under taking and endure the consequences of doing good to the society. On contrary, anti- hero performs for personal gain or for revenge for something done unto them and normally they are disgrace to the human race.
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