Heroin Street Names

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Heroin is a depressant that is also an opiate. It is made from a plant from the Middle East called the Opium Poppy. The drug morphine is extracted from the raw Opium Poppy plant, and it can be changed into heroin through a chemical process. Heroin is much more addictive than morphine because it gets to the brain roughly 100 times faster. It is addictive in a psychological way as well as a physiological way. Psychologically, if people do not get the heroin that they want, they will start to feel really bad about it. The drug is so addictive, that people who are addicted to it feel a sort of responsibility to go and get their next amount of heroin. In terms of physiological addiction, after about 6 hours without an injection, people will start to feel nauseous and tired. They will also begin to sweat extremely bad, get horrible stomach cramps and aches, and also a high fever.
There are many street names for Heroin; Crank, Jive, Horse, Shag, Dope, Smack, and Junk are just a few of the many street names for Heroin. Heroin affects the body in many different ways. It affects the brain the most when used and also when not used. When it is used often, more Heroin is needed to feel the same effects, and when is not used, the brain and body start to feel withdrawal symptoms. When Heroin gets into the bloodstream, and then into the brain many things start to happen. The biggest thing that happens is that Heroin is converted back into morphine when it gets into the brain. The morphine sticks to molecules on the brain’s opioid receptors. These receptors are involved in the brain’s ability to recognize pain, as well as control our body’s life support system. An overdose of Heroin can cause breathing suppression, which can evidently lead to death. This suppression of breathing can also lead to many different types of pneumonia, collapsed veins, liver disease, and heart disease. Heroin can also cause blood clotting which can also be very fatal. There are many long term and short term effects for Heroin use. Short term effects include; virtually no feeling of pain, feeling good, Nausea, becoming tired, less stressed, hypothermia, and difficulty breathing. Long term effects of the drug include; developing a tolerance, this is the most dangerous long term effect because it can eventually lead to an overdose and death, addiction, and withdrawal.
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