Heroin In the Streets of Illinois

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Who would expect that a town known for their excellent education systems, well developed economy, and rapid population expansion to have the highest record of heroin deaths in one year in the United States? Naperville, Illinois, is a suburb of Chicago, has been dealing with the loss of seven young adults from overdoses of heroin in 2011 (Wilson). The early deaths of these young people are completely avoidable. Having proper knowledge of the warning signs that heroin displays can help; but to further the knowledge, having videos available to watch helps parents talk to their kids about drug use. Better communication can always help any problem, which is another tactic that the city of Naperville is planning to do.

Heroin is not a drug you should mess with. It has many varieties that can be sold, which makes it easy to overdose on because the heroin that is being sold on the street has added substances to it. The added components to the street heroin is glucose and talcum powder. Having the extra components added to the heroin makes it impure and results in an overdose. Depending on the form it is purchased in, heroin can be taken in a variety of ways, the most common ways are snorting, smoking, and injecting it into the skin (“Heroin”). The variation in which it can be used is dangerous because users can switch methods increasing the chances of an overdose. Heroin is an opioid, which suppresses the central nervous system, which leaves the user feeling extremely happy and a detached feeling. The real danger behind heroin, is its short half-life of 90 minutes. This is what makes heroin so addictive, the user must use heroin multiple times a day to continue the sensation of euphoria without feeling withdrawal symptoms (Wilson). Hero...

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