Heroic: Odysseus and Emmeline Parkhurst

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Does the world we live in have heroes? In the society that we give in, the hero becomes a hero by attaining in what they believe in for the surpass of others. A hero is always been looked at a prospective of a paragon. A hero becomes known by many because of what they did and their heroic qualities. An epic hero is the protagonist and the hero becomes a legend because of the heroic actions toward their nation, race, or culture. Odysseus is considered “larger than life” he is respected and loved by many. Odysseus left a mark on this world to be viewed as an epic hero to the people. Emmeline Pankhurst fought for many women and eared admiration from many people. She fights in what she believes in and in the face of adversity. Odysseus fought for the Greeks and brings victory to them. Also, Emmeline fights for the women race and what she believes in, even though she faces many tragic and emotional obstacles her strong will and determination for women rights did not stop. The difference between Odysseus and Emmeline, Odysseus uses violence in order to accomplish what he and his nation believe in and in ancient Greeks times most conflicts were solved by violence although Emmeline used speeches to prove her point and creates a women suffrage to her state that women are also human beings with rights equally like men. Emmeline Pankhurst can be considered an epic hero. Such as Odysseus, Emmeline fights for the rights of the women race, she also faces many obstacles but overcomes them because of how significant she is. Both Odysseus and Emmeline Pankhurst are considered larger than life. In the poem the Odyssey, when Odysseus went to Circe, she did not enchant him because the gods protect him, which shows the importance of him, he has the ... ... middle of paper ... ...antry and loyalty towards his country and his family. Such as Emmeline, she sacrificed the time she would have spent with her children and instead she went out to protest and started women suffrage organization. She gave up her freedom to prove that women deserve the right to vote. During Odysseus long journey he faced many obstacles the Cyclops, Circe and many more but he did not give up. Emmeline Pankhurst is one of the most important people in history she will be remembered forever, her place in this world will always be remembered and respected. Works Cited "BBC- history- Emmeline Pankhurst. "History. N.P, n.d. web.15 Jan 2013 "Heros of the 20th Century." Emmeline Pankhurst hero file. N.P, 14 January 2001. web. 17 Jan 2013 “ The Language of Literature” – Fitz Jared, The Odyssey Pankhurst Emmeline. "Emmeline Pankhurst : Freedom or death." November 13 1913.
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