Heroic Leadership Case Study

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Introduction This essay is going to outline the different academic perspectives to support the argument that heroic leadership in a business context, which emerged towards the end of the 19th century, has led to unfair successor announcements and an unhealthy biased decision-making - outcome attribution ratio resulting in unfair, unnatural and useless business leadership environments in today’s society. Nonetheless, today’s leadership delivers a foundation to eventually transition to a more natural, inclusive and useful form of it. In chapter 1 the focus is on the unnatural aspects regarding attribution of business outcomes and the negative impact this has on the leadership style of a manager. While chapter 2 explains the incentivizing of leaders…show more content…
Chapter 1 shows that, although the intention of attributing complex situation outcomes to the simplest reason is natural it is leading to unnatural and useless behaviours from managers by pressuring them into making decisions based on the consistency of their past decisions and not on the optimal decision for each scenario. Furthermore, it outlines why the hierarchy heroic leadership concept is harming followers and subordinates on an individual level. Managerial behaviour is the focus of chapter 2 with the conclusion, that personal career protection is incentivizing managers to avoid decisions while claiming and high jacking credit of successful choices which overall harms the company’s position and is useless for society. Furthermore, it is shown that managers are unfairly selecting successors based on their similarity which discriminates women and harms diversity in leadership since heroic leadership traits are mostly associated with masculinity. Towards the end of chapter 3, the problems of transitioning to the more natural, fair and useful post-heroic leadership are discussed pointing to the fact that due to the enormous transition necessary from heroic to post-heroic leadership implementation at the moment is
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