Heroes: Home Buyers

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Heroes have been an integral part of our culture. Everyone respects them for their honorable ambitions and sacrifices. However the obsession of money has also shared a part of that culture, often taking over the motives of most people, and drawing them away from the desire to be a hero and help others. It is the desire for money which seems to pit brother against brother, similar to the Civil War. Right now there is a war between home-buyers and sellers, both citizens of the United States; and there is no hero. At the same time, both are at fault for the rising foreclosure crisis. At the root of it all, there are simple desires on both sides which both are trying to meet. The desire of buyers is to get a nice home that they can have sole ownership over at as low a price as possible, sometimes, they let their desire cloud their judgment, or they forget that the future is not completely predictable. On the other side, the desire of sellers is to make as much money as permitted so they can sell more homes, and pay their workers more. Both are failing in those simple desires. The sellers are not getting their money, while the buyers are not getting their homes. It is only after hurting others and themselves that the sellers can make others happy by selling at a foreclosure price. There are other ways.

The United States uses interest as a big part of their businesses. Interest is useless. Its purpose is to get an extra bit of profit from the customer. While that desire is understandable, there is a limit to how much should be taken away from the customer. In the past, interest was bothersome, but not a big issue. Lately, there have been lots of troubles with overbuying on credit cards, or foreclosure on houses because the customer cou...

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...ration for the new customer. Akin to the trade over option, there is also a move in option. It is allowed for families to team up and have duo ownership over the house. They will split the payments between them however they determine. This can happen in the middle of payments as well as when they are first looking to buy a house.

Through these changes in payment, the sellers will get the money that belongs to them without choking the customers to death financially. Also, the customers will get the homes they want, and will be able to pay the money they have agreed to without losing their home, or losing money for the sellers by forcing them to sell it at a smaller price. While there is no one hero, it is possible for every person to be a hero, and live together. Brother embracing brother, holding the other up. After all, what is money compared to being a hero.
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