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The prestigious title that mankind will remember for centuries, known as a hero. Heroes are of the bravest, nobility, and chivalric of men will to make the ultimate sacrifice in order for their ideals to prosper. Throughout many epics and play, we see heroes of all calibers but four character traits all heroes have in common. Heroes suffer more than they deserve and end up facing a decision that will either end there life or prolong it and are aware of the decisions. Each hero makes the decision to end their life but achieve glory. Achilles, Hector, Beowulf, and Hamlet are excellent examples of what it means to be a hero and all four of these men possess or have endured these characteristics. A hero must be of noble birth, show deeds of great…show more content…
Achilles the great warrior of the Greeks takes countless lives of worthy warriors such as Hector and leads the Greeks to the Trojan wall (Achilles). Achilles knows of a prophecy that if he joins battle he will die a glorious death but if Achilles withdraws from battle he will live to be an old man and die an inglorious death. Achilles faces this situation and decides after remaining at the ships for a large portion of the Trojan War to join battle to avenge his fallen mentor and decides a glorious death with worth more than a long life. Hector, who opposes the Greek warriors in the Trojan War, made leader of the army of Troy and leads his men in a war that does not pertain to him or any of his interest he merely does it out of pride and love for his family, his brother Paris takes fully responsibility for the war and should be leading. Hector shows his courage and strength by leading his Trojan army against the feared Greeks and by killing Patroclus, Achilles mentor, during battle while Patroclus wore god made armor (litcharts). Hector also displays his bravery by facing Achilles at the wall knowing that if he failed, the city of Troy would fall and if he escaped with his life, the city would be sacked and he would lose his life as a coward. The poem Beowulf tells of how Beowulf challenges the horrific monster Grendel without sword and shield using only his strength and…show more content…
During the Iliad Achilles whom the gods favor and receives help from them. Hephaestus creates a new set of armor for the fearsome warrior so he may return to battle and avenge his friend. Achilles, advised by Athena throughout the battle. Achilles faces the Scamander river god who sides aiding the Trojan by attempting to drown Achilles but fortunately for Achilles, Hera sees this event and sends Hephaestus to aid Achilles again but burning the river with the fire from his forges causing the river to recede from the battle. Hector receives aid by the gods Apollo and Ares. Hector defeats Patroclus with the aid of Apollo blinding Patroclus allowing Hector to run his sword through the Greek warrior. Beowulf fight grand sea monsters as a child to protect his friend Becca. Beowulf also defeats the monster Grendel. Soon after the death of Grendel Beowulf seeks out his mother to kill her also to prevent her seeking revenge against the Deans. Once Beowulf becomes the King of the Geats he faces a dragon in his homeland that a soldier 's disturbed. Beowulf dies from this monster but even at an old age he had the ability to defeat the monster and give the thrown to a loyal follower. Hamlet faces the superego and the id of his conscience throughout the play (Clark, 1990). Hamlet finds the courage to be able to end the life of King Claudius easily but he faces the conflict of

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